Explore the Watson Energy Difference

We help keep our customers’ facilities safe, energy-efficient, and reliable. We consult with customers to identify the best solutions to meet their unique needs. From changing out a receptacle to changing out an old line-up of switchgear, our customers tell us that being responsive, honest, and delivering quality service is important to them. We deliver on all three. 

Regional Contractor with Local Offices 

Our service area includes North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. With our 10 locations, we can offer local, community-driven electrical services. We serve the electrical needs of industrial, commercial, government, data center, and healthcare industries. Additionally, we are here for your electrical emergency needs, day or night. Call our 24/7 Emergency Services toll-free: 1-888-805-9033. 

5 ways Watson Energy can help

We can help you improve your facility’s safety record, energy efficiency, downtime, and reliability. 

Responsive. We take care of your emergencies. We are open 24/7. We have over 100 trained electricians. We can handle small to large emergencies. From replacing a receptacle to replacing a lineup of switchgear, we handle all sizes of projects. Call us at 1-888-805-9033 at any time to take care of your emergency needs.  
Quality. We have a proven track record of quality service. We have 85 years of being in business and hundreds of loyal customers because we give our customers a level of quality others cannot.  
Customer Driven. We focus on creating a positive experience for our customers before and after repairs/installation. We build loyalty by building and maintaining relationships.  
Prevention/Anticipate. We have solutions that help our customers take care of problems or safety issues before it becomes a failure. Infrared, arc flash, and breaker testing are just some of the solutions we offer that other electrical contractors can’t do. Let’s discuss a preventive or predictive maintenance program that works for you and your company.  
Planning. We help customers create and execute custom plans to modernize or increase their assets' lifespan, along with avoiding OSHA citations regarding NFPA 70E. We have ways to address your priorities, safety, and cost concerns. Call one of our Energy Solutions Consultants to discover how Watson can help you: 1-888-805-9033.  

Energy Solutions and Services

We offer a wide array of tailored solutions and services. Our service manager, service coordinators, and technicians work with you to solve and prevent electrical issues.  

Start with an energy audit and let us get to know your system. Then, sit down with the Watson Energy team to discuss the best methods to increase your energy efficiency. One of the possible outcomes of becoming energy-efficient is that it can decrease your operating costs.  

Governmental compliance is something businesses must do. Ensure that you are OSHA and NFPA compliant with our custom solutions and preventive maintenance plans. We have performed NFPA 70B and NFPA 70E electrical solutions many times. We can keep you up and running, worry-free.   



Join the Watson Energy Team 

Watson Energy offers rewarding careers with great benefits and career development. To view the positions available in the location you would like to work in, go to our job board. New positions are added almost daily. Become part of the solution.