Fewer Business Interruptions

Business interruptions, such as power failures, weather events, employee accidents and more, can put your company at a disadvantage by causing damage and revenue loss. With Watson Energy and our electrical services, business interruptions will be less of a problem. Our professional energy team can help your business cut down on costs and damage with our energy solutions and generators.

Your Business Interruption Issues

Has your organization identified potential business interruption threats? Are you prepared? What steps have you taken to ensure continued operation and production? How much would it cost your business if there was an electrical power failure? How much revenue would be lost?

Most organizations are not prepared for a sustained business interruption. Mechanical and electrical failures, weather-related events, and employee accidents can all cause damage, failures and significant disruptions to electrical systems.

Our Business Interruption Solutions

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Watson Energy’s predictive and preventive electrical maintenance plans can identify issues within your electrical distribution system before they become a problem.


Install a new backup generator power supply, sign up for an emergency retail generator agreement, or have us test and inspect your existing generator on a semi-annual or annual basis to ensure everything is operating normally. Watson Energy will make sure that when the lights go out, your business does not.

Business Interruption Resources & Information


TEGG is a global network of electrical preventive maintenance service providers, and an industry leader in electrical system reliability.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

The NFPA is the authority on fire, electrical and building safety. They developed the NFPA 70B standard of recommended practice for electrical equipment maintenance.


IEEE is the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology, as they develop many of the international standards for telecommunication, information and power generation.

Avoid Business Interruptions with Watson Energy

With preventive electrical maintenance and other energy solutions and electrical services provided by Watson Energy, your business can respond quickly to power failures and other business interruptions. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and find out how Watson Energy can improve your facility’s electrical systems.

Watson Energy is a leading energy company that provides electrical services such as asset management, preventive maintenance, solar solutions and more.