Facility Electrical Safety

Watson Energy offers leading electrical services to commercial, industrial and residential facilities, providing solutions for electrical safety hazards. We’re interested in keeping businesses and their employees safe — that’s why we offer ARC flash solutions, preventive maintenance, generators and other electrical services. Read on to learn more about what Watson Energy can do for you.

Your Electrical Safety Issues

Is your facility NFPA 70E compliant? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers educate and make their employees aware of any potential electrical safety hazards. The dangers involved with working on electrical equipment can be severe or life-threatening, and can occur without warning. Whether your own employees or hired contractors work in your facility, it is the responsibility of the building owner/operator to identify these dangers.  

An ARC flash event, for example, can produce heat greater than twice the temperature of the sun. Technicians working on your electrical distribution system must be informed of the level of danger, how to mitigate the hazards, and what personal protective equipment to wear.

Our NC Electrical Safety Solutions

ARC Flash Hazard Analysis Solutions

Our six-step NFPA 70E compliance plan can satisfy every requirement needed to protect you, your facility and your business from the risks involved with electrical work in your building. Our steps include a written electrical safety plan, one-line drawing, ARC flash hazard analysis, employee and owner training, personal protective equipment (PPE), and a NFPA 70B electrical maintenance plan.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Your facility’s electrical system is only compliant if its protective devices function as designed. Schedule an electrical safety inspection with Watson Energy today, and our professionals can determine if your system is working properly.

Electrical Safety Information & Resources

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

The NFPA is the authority on electrical, fire and building safety, and also developed the NFPA 70B standard of recommended practice for electrical equipment maintenance.


The world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology, IEEE develops many of the international standards for telecommunication, information technology and power generation.


TEGG is a global network of electrical preventive maintenance service providers and an industry leader in electrical system reliability.

Contact Watson Energy for Electrical Safety Services

Watson Energy provides electrical services that help prevent dangerous ARC flashes and other electrical safety hazards, protecting your employees and adhering to safety standards provided by OSHA, NFPA and more. Contact us today, and schedule an inspection for your facility with electrical safety professionals at Watson Energy.

Watson Energy has been a leading energy company that provides electrical services such as electrical safety, ARC flash solutions, generators and more.