Generators Provided by Watson Energy Company

Having standby power is what businesses depend on to stay running when power outages or other business interruptions occur. Because Watson Energy is committed to providing energy solutions, we offer generators as part of our electrical services. Our small-scale generator sales are available for:   


  • Small business owners
  • Builders of residential, commercial and industrial facilities
  • Facility managers
  • Commercial buyers

Watson Energy is a team of electrical system experts, which means we only provide generators from industry-leading brands, such as Generac, Kohler, Caterpillar, Cummins and more. Not only will we install your generator, but when we come back for an electrical energy audit, preventive maintenance inspection or any of our other electrical services, we’ll ensure that your generator is functioning properly.

Benefits of a Generator

  • Your facility will function during hurricanes, thunderstorms, snow, ice and other common in weather emergencies, so you’ll be able to work as usual.
  • You’ll experience fewer business interruptions, saving you time, money, and other resources.
  • Generators are cost-effective and last for years when they’re properly kept and regularly inspected by Watson Energy.
  • Installing a generator can increase your property’s value.

Contact Watson Energy About Our Generators

Experience all the benefits of standby power and working with Watson Energy, and purchase a generator. Contact Watson Energy today to learn more about our generators or any of our other electrical services and energy solutions.

Watson Energy offers generators to commercial, industrial and residential business owners.