TEGG Service Electrical Preventive Maintenance

One way Watson Electrical is continuing its tradition of being a leader in the electrical industry is by offering electrical preventive maintenance. Other trade contractors, such as HVAC contractors, have been doing preventative maintenance agreements for years, but this is relatively new to the electrical industry. Our Charlotte and NC Triad and Triangle electrical preventive maintenance program is called TEGG Service.

TEGG Service EPM (electrical preventive maintenance) offers building owners, plant managers and facilities managers from all businesses a proven, proactive, comprehensive electrical diagnostic and maintenance program designed to ensure safe and continuous internal electrical power.

We use the latest technology, such as thermographic scanning, ultrasonic scanning, and power quality analysis, to detect any problems or potential problems with your electrical distribution system. After testing, we provide an electrical systems analysis report detailing the results and recommending action to be taken.

Protect Your Business in North Carolina With Electrical Preventive Maintenance

The NFPA, IEEE, and insurance companies have found that by having a comprehensive EPM program, you’ll cut down on the number of fires and the number of failures, which reduces business interruption expense and enhances power quality. The leading cause of a fire, other than arson, is electrical problems. However, the NFPA indicates that two-thirds of those fires could have been prevented with a good EPM program, while the IEEE’s studies show that 80% of electrical failures can be prevented through an EPM program, like those offered by Watson Electrical in SC, NC, and VA.

Business shut down by electrical failure loses revenue during the downtime. Business interruption expenses can run from $2,000 per hour to $6.4 million per hour, depending on the size of the business, making EPM programs highly important.

Power quality is a big problem today due to the growth of microelectronics, or computers. Microelectronics demand clean, dependable power, and without it, you may experience disruption of power, or voltage sags and surges.

An EPM program from Watson Electrical is a great way to fix your electric service budget, reduce your chance of an electrical failure, and maximize your power quality. Contact us to learn more.