Solar Photovoltaic & Other Solar Solutions in Raleigh, Winston-Salem & Beyond

If your business is looking for alternative energy solutions as a way to save resources, look no further than the solar solutions offered by Watson Energy. Our energy efficiency company provides turnkey solar solutions for end users, investors, government agencies and commercial businesses. Consider going solar with help from Watson Energy — we serve Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Charlotte and throughout North Carolina with our solar solutions.

Why Go Solar with Watson Energy?

Solar energy takes advantage of the energy provided by the sun, saving on resources that are limited and less reliable. By installing solar panels and making small changes in the way your electrical system operates, your commercial business will become more energy efficient. Going solar will change your facility for the better, making it more energy efficient and sustainable. The following are just a few of the benefits of adding solar panels or utilizing any of Watson Energy’s solar solutions:

  • Reduce operating costs with long-term solar life expectancy
  • Hedge against rising costs of electricity by generating your own
  • Add more clean energy to the grid
  • Show your customers you care about the environment
  • And more

Watson Energy’s solar solutions will save you and your business a variety of resources, including financial resources. At a glance, the financial advantages of solar solutions include:

  • Net metering
  • State rebates
  • Federal tax credit
  • Property tax exemption
  • Power purchasing agreement
  • Turnkey financing

Learn More About Our North Carolina Solar Energy Solutions

Watson Energy offers comprehensive solar solutions in Raleigh, Charlotte and beyond to help you improve your energy efficiency, including electrical energy audits and electrical solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more information.

Watson Energy is an energy company that proudly provides solar solutions and other energy efficiency services to North Carolina. We serve Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Durham and surrounding areas in North Carolina.