Lower Energy Bills with Watson Energy

Watson Energy provides leading energy efficiency services. Our services save businesses hundreds of dollars every year by making simple changes to facilities that reduce energy use and utility costs. Upgrade your lighting, install solar panels or let us work with you to solve your business’ energy cost issue with any of our energy solutions.  

Your Energy Cost Issue

The cost of owning and operating a business is sometimes difficult to manage, and utility or energy costs are no different. Every dollar spent on energy costs is removed directly from your financial bottom line. Every dollar spent on energy is one less dollar earned.

Many experts agree that energy costs will continue to rise as our natural resources continue to diminish. Taking measures now and proactively adapting to these changes and challenges can save your business significant revenue right now and much more in the future.

Our Energy Cost Solutions

Lighting Solutions

Our lighting solutions provide an expert analysis of your building’s lighting system while identifying all available options to lower lighting costs and providing multiple solutions to decrease energy use. Some of our energy-reducing methods include:

  • Minimizing lighting maintenance to meet your facility’s budget
  • LED, daylight harvesting and lighting controls

Solar Solutions

Utility and tax incentives are primed to make solar and PV installations very affordable, while delivering an incredible return-on-investment (ROI). With our solar solutions, our energy technicians can provide you with a free analysis of the costs and benefits of these energy savings systems. Contact Watson Energy for additional information.

Energy Information & Resources

The resources below provide information about energy, energy efficiency and related topics from reputable sources in North Carolina and across the United States. Learn more about energy costs and how Watson Energy can make help you manage your business energy costs.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)

DSIRE provides comprehensive information on state and federal incentives for solar, lighting and renewable energy products.

North Carolina Solar Center at North Carolina State University

NCSU offers a resource for innovative, clean energy technology, and provides research, education and training.

Department of Energy

The Department of Energy is a national resource for all types of energy information — from resources on lighting, solar, wind and biofuels, to resources that encourage women to join the traditionally male-dominated fields, including their STEM Education program and the Clean Energy Education and Empowerment Women’s Initiative.

Contact Watson Energy to Save on Energy Costs

Watson Energy knows how to reduce electricity bills, saving your business on a variety of resources every year despite rising energy prices. To learn ways to save electricity, contact Watson Energy for an electrical energy audit, or learn more about our lighting or solar solutions.

Watson Energy is an energy company that proudly provides solutions to help businesses reduce their energy costs through electrical services, electrical energy audits, and more.