Preventive Maintenance, Electrical Safety & More

“A well-administered electrical preventive maintenance program will reduce accidents, save lives, minimize costly breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns of equipment” —NFPA-70B

Leading in energy solutions and electrical services, Watson Energy offers commercial and industrial facilities predictive and preventive electrical maintenance. Our preventive maintenance plans identify issues in your electrical distribution system before they become a problem and jeopardize the safety of your employees.

Your electrical system is only compliant with OSHA, the NFPA, and other safety standards if its protective devices function as designed. If you’re not sure that your electrical system is compliant with these standards, schedule a preventive maintenance inspection with Watson Energy today. The following electrical inspections and plans are provided in our preventive electrical maintenance:                

  • Visual inspection
  • Infrared thermal imaging
  • Ultrasonic scanning
  • De-energized service and scheduled shutdown service
  • Power quality analysis
  • Electrical system analysis report available online
  • Preferred service for maintenance agreement customers, including 10% off regular service rates, priority scheduling and guaranteed response times                   

Our Lifetime Preferred Guaranteed Maintenance Program

Watson Energy offers Lifetime Preferred Guaranteed Maintenance programs that include a full repair or replacement and guarantees against a sudden and accidental breakdown of covered components of your electrical distribution system that are satisfactorily tested.* For details on these programs, please contact Watson Energy today!

*There are equipment limitations and exclusions.

Electrical Maintenance​

Computers, networks and other important building systems cannot operate without electricity. This means that outages aren’t just inconvenient — they are often costly. Regular maintenance can help prevent outages. Plus, with routine maintenance, you’ll enjoy increased energy efficiency with less system downtime.

Electrical maintenance from Watson Electrical can include the following in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia:

  • Power upgrades
  • Power quality (UPS, generators)
  • Infrared testing
  • Conduit location
  • Load bank testing
  • Lighting
  • Equipment repairs
  • Warranty work
  • Wiring
  • Early response
  • Disaster recovery

Contact Watson Energy

The electrical system professionals at Watson Energy can determine if your electrical system works properly and is compliant to safety standards, as well as if you need to repair or replace any equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact Watson Energy with questions about our preventive maintenance plans or estimates for any of our electrical services offered.

Watson Energy proudly provides preventive maintenance and other electrical safety solutions.